The War Memorial Hall is situated in Camp Road in the picturesque village of Oldbury-on-Severn.

In the aftermath of the First World War many towns and villages looked to commemorate casualties from their communities.  In this respect Oldbury-on-Severn built a hall in memory of the parishioners who gave their lives during the war.  The building of the hall was organised by the local community aided by the local people who gave land and organised events for funding.  Many surviving servicemen donated their ‘demob’ monies in memory of friends and comrades who did not return.  The doors to the Memorial Hall were opened in October 1922 with much celebration.  It quickly became a focal point of the village allowing the servicemen a place where they could share their experiences with fellow servicemen who would be empathetic to their issues.  The Hall later went on to be rededicated as a memorial to those who also died in the Second World War.   There is a cross and wreath located in stone at the top of the front of the building serving as a commemorative reminder.

The Memorial Hall has undergone various upgrades and extensions, the latest one taking place in 2023 as the result of a successful Lottery grant which has been secured to improve access and offer improved facilities for all.

The Memorial Hall has seen many events throughout its history and continues to host regular clubs, societies, dance and exercise classes, concerts, parties and celebrations of local and national events.

The Hall offers plenty of opportunities for a diverse number of events and is a cost effective place to hire.  Please explore our website for further details.  We look forward to hosting your event in the near future.

We look forward to welcoming you here so ensuring we can keep this Community asset fit for purpose for many years.  Come and experience our warm welcome.  See you soon!


The Main Hall can seat up to 72 people or be used by up to 100 people for events. The Main Hall has also recently been decorated and it now has a lovely light and airy look. To learn more please download our Memorial Hall Information Leaflet.