Launched in 2013, OVCC shows a wide variety of films in the Memorial Hall, normally on the second Friday evening of each month.

The Club has proven to be a great place to meet new or existing friends and neighbours for a chat, both before and after the film.

Café style seating, with candle lit tables, creates a cosy atmosphere.

Bring your own wine, beer and nibbles as needed.

Oldbury Village Cinema Club

Film selection is varied and members can make recommendations. Membership is open to all except those under the age of 16 which our licence precludes.

The Club is a section of the Memorial Hall and members’ fees, together with local grants, have provided the equipment and enabled improvements to be made to the Hall facilities, which is a continuing aim.

So in addition to seeing the films and hopefully having an enjoyable night out you will also be supporting Hall improvements for, currently, less than £2 per session!

If you would like to join or require further information please contact Kristin Jenkins,