Fire Information and check sheet for The Memorial Hall.

This is an important notice for event organisers and guests to understand; how to reduce the risk of
injury in the case of a fire.

Please check the following:

  • Make yourself aware of the Fire Exits, which should be illuminated, easy to open, and free from obstruction.
  • Make yourself aware of the position of the fire extinguishers and the fire blanket. Check to
    make sure they can be accessed easily. If confident check they are charged for use.
  • Nominate a competent person who can act as Fire Marshall to evacuate people if required.
  • Ideally you should have a list of people in the Hall so you can conduct a role call in the case
    of fire.

The fire assembly point is The Junction of Camp Road and Westend Lane.

If you find any defect in any of the equipment please contact any member of the EMC.

If a fire is discovered or breaks out.
Your safety and that of your colleagues is the first and most important requirement. Sound the
alarm, which is the fire bell in the main hall or by shouting ‘Fire’.
If in any doubt evacuate the building, accounting for your colleagues and call the Emergency
Only tackle the fire if you feel comfortable and confident to do so. Ensure you are aware of which
extinguisher is needed to tackle which type of fire.
Once the evacuation has taken place and the Emergency Services a have been called please inform
any of the EMC.

Chair Chris. Jennings Tel: 01454 418741 or 07740934182
Vice chair Simon Ingram Tel: 07813007106
Secretary David Masters Tel: 01454 417524 or 07875017972
Maintenance Keith Miller Tel: 01454 604981 or 07586348910
Fund raiser Angela Conibere Tel: 01454 413828 or 0774913828

Dated Nov. 2021.