Managing the Health and Safety Policy

1) Risk Assessments

The EMC will ensure that there sufficient RA carried out for any activity that the EMC organise, or equipment that is owned by the Hall and other organisations use from these will derive good working practices.

2) Statutory examinations

Responsible body: EMC

Fixed wiring to be examined every 5 years

Portable electrical appliance must be tested ever  2 years.

Fire: Fire RA reviewed each year to make sure it is current. Annual firefighting equipment checked.

Ladders: To be reviewed before use and annually.

3) First Aid and Accident book

First Box to be provided, contents to cover minor injuries. Book to record any accidents or incidents

4) Damaged or defective items.

Any damaged or broken item must be reported to the Booking Clerk at the first available opportunity.

5) Asbestos

Any asbestos must be identified, record where it is and can it be removed safetly.

Version 2 dated December 2020